Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Adam Marvin!♥

Such a grandmother am I...I thought Adam's first birthday was this coming Saturday...but this morning I had a sinking feeling and jumped out of bed to check birth dates...gasp!...I was so wrong -- his first birthday is today!

I looked at my husband and asked how come he did not remember -- he was rather wide eyed that early in the morning but he had nothing to say for himself. We both know that he does not keep track of birthdays, anniversaries or any other dates -- he depends on me to remember and to create and send cards, $ etc.

Our younger son was in Korea in the Marines while I was at law enforcement boot camp one year. The training was intense and that is what my thoughts were centered on. I was talking with some classmates and we were discussing birthdays of our kids...I was thinking about how old our two sons were when I was shocked to realize I had missed our son's "golden" birthday -- his age was the date of his birth! Gasp! He was very disappointed that I had forgotten. My husband was home on the ranch and could have sent a card, but he did not. So, the weight of this lapse of memory fell upon me.

I really need to so note on my calendar who has a birthday and when.

♥♥♥lots of love to our little grandson on his special day.


  1. You are so much fun! I am glad I am not the only one who forgets things.
    Happy Birthday Adam!

  2. Dear Jennie!

    Such a forget a date so important! Good to hear from you! Hugs and love to you and yours!♥ Mitch was giving me heck that I did not keep up on my Blog so he could see what was going on at "home".

  3. I'm glad because now I can see what is going on as well! Hugs and love to you as well!!!