Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hardy flowers and views from peddle-powered boat

I am always amazed that pansies, violas, and some other flowers can make it through frost, cold, and snow! So I have featured some of these wonderfully hardy plants that live on my deck.

The other pictures are of the channels we peddle-boat on. Nice exercise and lovely scenery. We were just out there a few minutes ago.

Meadow Muffin (horse) was wondering how she was going to get close to us...she was not sure of the water and if she should step into it. She has summered up north on our ranch where there are no creeks or streams to speak of. Boo-Boo (Anatolian mix dog) stands in the back of MM. Boo has learned to swim to keep up with the little boat and us. He sometimes wonders if he could jump into the back or on top of us. Thank goodness he has not tried, as yet! But you can see it in his eyes, if he could figure out how to do it and be brave enough he would jump!

The sky was so very blue and the clouds were so beautiful it was hard not to take a pictures.

The days are getting so much shorter, darn...we really do like all the daylight we have in the summertime.

Egg collection time!

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