Sunday, September 26, 2010

Really Pretty Fall Colors!

Super pretty fall colors right out our back door! This is to the east on the foot hills. To the west the trees are fading faster.

Fall can be so very short in our area because of Mr. Wind.

Well, yesterday the boys were haying...raking the hay and baling the hay...the old baler bit the dust again...gear box went out...big part. Now what? Have to wait until tomorrow (Monday).

The sun was shining brightly this early am and through noon, but now the clouds have joined hands and hid the sun...and Mr. Wind has picked up...something about 50mph winds this afternoon.

My pansies and other potted plants are still alive and vibrant on my back deck even with the several frosts we have had -- not to mention the snows. Pansies, bless their little hearts, are very hardy and can endure this type of abuse from Mother Nature. I do push them back against the house wall for as much protection as possible. When I first got them and put them into pots, I would drag them into my little sewing studio off the deck. They have gotten too big to do this anymore. I do bring in a few that are in smaller pots. to gather eggs...everyone take care!♥

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