Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scenes around the Home Place on the ranch

Yesterday, September 21, 2010, we had some very Montana varied weather. It started out with snow, then rain, and the sun may have shown, rain, and gray overcast day. The temperature hung around in the 30's to 40's. Last Friday, the 18th we had about 4 inches of wet snow which melted by the afternoon.

The first picture in this series of pics is of my van with a close up of the frost patterns that were left after our first real frost! My husband alerted me to this most intricate design left by Mother Nature.

The second picture is of our creek out our back door which channels here and there. The third picture is the hills to east looking out our kitchen window -- a great wildlife viewing area! The forth picture is a great view from a friend's home near Duck Lake (a few miles from us). The fifth picture is the snow that fell on Friday, September 17th. The sixth picture is more of the creek/channel outside our door. The last picture is the home of our busy beavers that have made the channels higher so we can use our "peddle-powered" boat to get around. Such fun.

My younger son has complained that I do not keep my blog up so he can see pictures of home for him and his family. So, this is dedicated to you, Mitch.

Marvin and I were off to Cut Bank early this a.m. for doctor appointments. Towns just do not get any closer no matter how many times a person travels those many miles (160 round trip). It really exhausts me. I do all the driving.

I am sad because Glacier National Park has closed Going-to-the-Sun Highway at the top and you cannot drive all the way over anymore this season. I just love to take that nice slow drive over the mountains to Kalispell and west via this road. Now, we must drive "down and around" via Maris Pass. It is a total of 120 more miles. In the winter this pass can be very emotional weather-wise and be a cause for a whole lot of stress with the changing weather and road conditions. We usually head for Great Falls in the winter because it is more on the plains and we only have to get out of our valley and go east where the weather is better.

Driving to Cut Bank today we noticed that many grain crops are still in the field waiting for harvesting. Many of the crops are still green. We have had so much moisture this year and no real hot weather for the crops to ripen.

We are attempting to get our haying done for feed. It was so wet this spring that it was impossible to get into the fields to plant some of our feed crops for our cattle until later in the season. The continued moisture was good for the meadows and for livestock grazing and beautiful wildflowers and green foliage.

It is fall here by the Rocky Mountains -- the elk are bugling, birds are gathering, bears are stuffing themselves with berries -- I am hoping for a long fall and a mild winter (I can always hope!).

Everyone take care and enjoy each day!

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  1. I hope you all get a long fall and a mild winter as well! Love the pictures.