Sunday, November 28, 2010

What happened to October and November????

That is the question...what happened to October and November? has been a struggle! Snow, cold, snow and more snow! Pictures all look the same from the last snow.

We had to "cancel" Thanksgiving this past week...or maybe it was the power outage and the fact that my propane cook stove is electric can light the top burners with a match, but not the oven. I wish for my old propane was a life saver when the power went off for days and more some years.

Last month our tractor with the front-end loader decided to bite the dirt...needs a new hydraulic pump. Marvin was coming home from Cut Bank last week and the transmission went out of his ranch pickup. The good part of this adventure was that he was right by a ranch and a was pulled to safety. Jason and Kara went and rescued him. Pickup was towed to Cut Bank the next day. Debating on what to do with that.

We have been snowed in at our home. Jason and Kara's big tractor had the wrong diesel in it and it had jelled and some other problems with that so it was not running. They went into Cut Bank with their diesel truck and the throttle gizzmo went out. No parts to be had. They were given a pickup to take back to the ranch. Got their tractor going and plowed us out on Friday -- our Thanksgiving Day.

We are walking on about 2 feet of packed snow and if you fall off the "paths" you may just not get up. Especially with my new knee! Just to make things interesting the temperatures took a spill below 0 and with the wind chill it was very, very cold.

Luckily when the power went off it was in the 20's so the water did not freeze up. If this happened a few days before we would have been in a real bad fix with the pump house and water freezing up.

This was a crazy year for weather...winter remained into or through May with snow storms...hardly had a summer then in September it began to snow. I for some reason, don't really remember October. But November has been a very tough month for snow, freezing, and below zero temps.

It is in the low twenties today with snowed again last night a few inches. We had some really tough winds last week which made travel impossible.

Roads into and out of Browning were closed as well as US 2 between Cut Bank and Browning. They are open now. The blowing snow causing "white-outs" is the main reason for the closing and then the snow is blown into drifts across the roads.

...and that is the end of my post for today...I am attempting to make some more little lambs!

Everyone take care and stay not travel if you do not have to on bad roads.

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