Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where have all the years gone?

Me today....

Well, there you sort of have a quick trip through my life in pictures...

(1) At 1-1/2 years old
(2) With my favorite doll and play clothes in the late 1940's
(3) Grade school in early 1950's
(4) At 19
(5) At 23
(6) Probably around 25
(7) With Jena my sweet ewe and Shu-Shu-La in the late 1980's
(8) 1996 at basic law enforcement training

Today, December 08, is my birthday! I am still here! Another day to enjoy! As I write this I can hear the wind dashing about outside and I am hoping the snow is melting.

The years have flown by. As a child the time seemed to stop and just would not get-to-going! Especially if there was something special we were waiting for or a holiday was coming. But now the days rush by, months years all disappear in a wink!

...I am going to leave this post for a while and have breakfast!...

Have a great day everyone!