Sunday, March 28, 2010


Traveled to Kalispell and Whitefish last Thursday. Jason (son) accompanied me. It was a very nice drive and a lovely day. I had a pinched nerve and needed to have an adjustment with a wonderful chiropractor in Whitefish. He seems to be the only one that can do a good adjustment on my poor old body!

The fun part on this long trip is to visit Hoopers Greenhouse outside of Kalispell on the old highway 2. They do not have very much on display because it is so very early in the season. But with the good weather that we have been having it feels like spring is just around the corner hiding and afraid to come out in case we get a very severe snow storm. Snow storms are highly likely until the end of May.

Jason bought a violet for Kara. I bought a bigger pot for the huge Hoya in my kitchen and then I spotted a few tulips in the greenhouse. There was nothing for sale in the greenhouse except for herbs. However, I did get this lovely grouping of tulips. I have repotted them and they are delightfully happy as am I just gazing at them.

Ah, it is nice to have them in the house. The wind is howling outside as I write this -- poor dears they probably would not survive even in the summertime over here where the wind blows constantly!

I positioned them by one of my favorite prints of mountains in Alberta, Canada.

Happy Sunday to all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter is coming!

My little hens have been busy as usual popping out those wonderful fresh eggs! I love boiled eggs -- I won't call them "hard" boiled because the way I do it they can turn out just right and not all gray or green around the edges.

Be sure the eggs are at least a week or older because they will peel a whole lot better the older they are. Put you cold eggs into a pot and cover them with cold water. Cover the pot, bring them to a rolling boil then turn off the heat. Set your timer for about 12 minutes, leave the eggs in the water covered on the stove for this length of time. The steam will continue to cook the eggs without turning them gray/green around the edges. When the time is up, run cold water over them until they cool down. Of course, I always have to test an egg or two and don't wait until the time is up or they are cool. (Some people say to throw a little table salt in the water -- can't hurt, so I do that if I think of it.)

This can also be applied to "store bought" pasta. Water in pot, pasta in pot, salt, oil -- bring your pasta (or noodles) to a full rolling boil, stir them a little. Turn off the heat cover them and let them steam for say 10 to 15 minutes until they are as you like them. This way you don't worry about them boiling over and having that starchy water everywhere on your stove. Drain water so they don't get softer than you want them.

I truly hate cleaning up my stove when things boil over.

The weather has cooled and there are snow squalls coming and going today. Gray skies.

The beavers are very busy out our back door cutting down every tree in sight and bush and whatever comes into their grasp. They have built a few new "bank dens" -- it looks like a crew has come in this past month and removed a whole lot of trees and bushes.

I have put chicken mesh wire around the few trees that our son has planted in our yard by the water's edge. I hope they don't take the berry bushes!

My knee replacement is going well. It has been about seven months since the surgery. It is nice to be able to feel confident and no pain when you walk. There are many things a person learns to do differently with a surgery like this. I miss not being able to get down on both my knees to clean something or plant things. Even gathering chicken eggs takes a bit of maneuvering to get up from the "down" position. I think long trips in a vehicle are the worst for the knee. Not moving around seems to be a problem.

I am wondering how long winter will be with us. We are not "out of the woods" until May (maybe, May)! We have had some really nice weather even reaching into the low 60' nice and a person can really spoiled. We get real excited about the 40's let alone the 60's.

I have been working on inputting family information that I have gotten from family members. That is a wonderful site. My goodness, the records they have accumulated is outstanding. It is thrilling to pull up a land title, the original hand-written title with original signatures of family members. There are ship manifests, the actual, factual manifests of the voyage and passengers and where they came from and where they were destined.

You can find other documents with your ancestor's signatures on them. Registration cards, goodness the list is endless. There are "hints" throughout your input of family members with other information that may or may not link to that member. Other public trees will pop up with the same family trees as the ones you are doing. You can correspond with the creator of that tree for information.

It is nice to have your information and pictures in one place. You can add pictures to your trees, one as primary and then other family pictures can also be loaded. You can write comments, stories, facts and other items for each family member.

Have a great day and Easter Holiday. I am going to go make some "freezer" jelly -- it is so delicious -- who needs bread with it!

Happiness and joy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The weather has been marvelous!

The weather has been absolutely marvelous and totally unusual for this time of year. I am not complaining in the least! The snow has all gone at our level except for a few snow drifts that have melted way down and are almost all gone, too.

There are no pictures to add to represent this time of year because everything is still brown and not a hint of green! The very first year I was here I could not believe that the earth could stay brown for so very long...I mean these are long winters here by the Rocky Mountains!

The norm for this time of year is snow and more snow and cold temps. The temps have been in the 40's and 50's for the past few weeks. Even the mud is beginning to dry up.

I have heard mention that the snow pack is not good in the mountains in our part of Montana which is certainly a big concern for the water flows that feed the many rivers, lakes, and creeks that are in this area.

But there is nothing we can do about that at this point except to enjoy the good temps.
We could get slammed with a storm any day now.

Happy Saturday evening to all and have a great Sunday tomorrow.