Monday, February 21, 2011

February 2011

January disappeared with a flash or so it seems. It was cold, snow, cold, and more snow! I had aches and pains that seemed to set in and stay. Me poor old bones!

Then along came February...more cold more snow more aches and pains. February 5th was a rather cold day with a new dusting of snow over the ice that seemed to be everywhere. I had called my older brother and we talked about our "replacement parts". I was giving my total knee replacement a thumbs up and telling how I felt so confident with my new parts. Oh sure, the knee ached most days, but it was nothing like the old knee that really hurt and it got so bad I could not walk on it at all. My total knee replacement surgery was in August of 2009, the 25th day. It was a long recovery and I think it would have been appreciated a lot sooner if not for the back problems and struggling with my sciatic nerve pain that became constant.

So, I was telling my brother how I felt so good about the new knee and things were going so well. I could ride my old pedal bike and my indoor stationary bike. Long rides bothered it and I would rub it during the 3 to 5 hours drives. My restless legs had become intense since the repair but I was rather keeping that under control until later in the day. Right after the total knee replacement my RLS came at 9 am! Good grief that was a very unpleasant surprise. (Never joke about RLS, it is a very serious, disruptive medical condition. Just imagine if you cannot move your leg/legs for whatever reason and a sensation begins to take over and demands that your legs move -- it also makes me ill. I have had the sensation throughout my body and can tell you that it is no joke.) I have had RLS since a child, it came and went over the years but it became totally chronic and severe in late 2007. You are sent to a neurologist and given some very rough meds that can do very strange and unpleasant things to your body. I was once given an anti-seizure drug that nearly put "me under". There has to be a better way to treat this condition. Off my soap box!

After I hung up from talking to my brother I decided to go feed my chickens in the quonset. I have a contraction that fits over my muck boots and there are small cleats on the toes to keep me from slipping on the ice. I had tried to get a pair of full cleats or chains for the bottom of boots but it seemed every time we were in town everyone was sold out.

I was coming back from the chickens and mid-way to our home -- I was up carrying eggs and the next thing I know I was screaming and down on the ice. When I went down I felt a searing pain and a snap of something. I felt that I had come down on both my knees and my heels hit my butt. The pluses this day were that my husband was home and that he heard my screams and came to my rescue, there was staff at my orthopedic clinic on a Saturday, and that I was able to go to the Browning Hospital Emergency Room for x-rays and assistance. The roads were really awful so it was good that we only had to go to Browning instead of the 3-hour drive to Kalispell. I was given a temporary leg brace to keep my leg straight (another huge plus was that I was not in pain unless I attempted to bend my knee and then it went into spasms because the patella had fractured and moved up my leg and nothing was supporting my knee). I had not injured my total knee replacement parts or my other leg bones. I was instructed to show up for surgery on Monday in Kalispell.

We left on Sunday at noon to beat a storm that was coming in. We stayed overnight in a lovely hotel in Kalispell that gave a discount for medical patients. I saw my orthopedic surgeon on Monday morning and was prepped for surgery that afternoon. All went well, everyone was so nice at Kalispell Regional. I did not have problems with the meds administered -- joy! I did not need any pain meds because I was not in any real pain. I went home on Tuesday afternoon with a 20-inch leg brace. Me and my brace have not been on the best of terms -- it has these Velcro tentacles that attach themselves to everything they come in contact with.

We had a lot of excitement on Saturday February 12th when the wind came up and tried to lift our roof on the southwest side. My hero family got the front end loader and chained it down. There was considerable damage to our areas east of mountains. Some winds were clocked as high as 116 mph! During this time, I did catch my big toe in the carpet as I went to sit down and this kind-a jerked my newly repaired patella...I did have a little burning and a smidge of pain but other than that things seem to be okay...I certainly hope so, anyway! I will see my doctor this week and get the staples out.

So, now I am wondering about what physical therapy I will need. Being an optimist sure does help me, but I have had some real boo-hoo moments that I had this accident just when I felt my knee was doing quite well. But it happened and could have been so much worse so I am fortunate for that and that all worked out with the surgery etc. The surgeon cut down/up the same scar from the total knee surgery. It all looks so familiar! I am house-bound unless I have doctor's appointments.

I hope everyone else has had a good month. Take care and watch that ICE!


  1. Wow, what an awful adventure!!!
    Have you ever thought that maybe you try to do to much?! ;)
    I wish I was closer so I could come and visit. I would even bring you dinner! Love you

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry about your knee. Both times...I hope the second fall is nothing too bad.

  3. Thanks, Jennie and Patty!

    The fact that it does not hurt is the best part. I think the staples bother me more than anything. I also find it impossible to sleep with my "black monster" leg brace and Velcro straps. But this is nothing like my total knee replacement surgery. Meaning it is not too bad at all. ♥