Sunday, March 6, 2011

March comes marching in!

Since I had problems writing anything after I added pictures, I am going to write the post before I add them.

Marvin wanted to see what the Divide looked like on US 89 south of St. Mary Montana and up over the Divide (as we call it).

We went on Saturday (03-05) and today (03-06-11). Yesterday it was still overcast and very hazy with some wind blowing and drifting. Plows were out as were the snow rotary blowers. The drifts were very impressive. Actually, the entire highway from St. Mary up and down was a total "Drift"... I cannot imagine what it took to clear this highway for travel. The drifts were comparable to the big snows that I saw in the early 1970's.

The forest fire of a few years ago had taken all the tall pines that had provided some protection from the blowing snow for this winding highway and left it open to huge drifts that plugged the road this winter from record snowfall and high extreme winds.

I will post a few pictures that we took today when the sun did shine. It was a cold day about 6 degrees above zero but felt very cold with just a small wind blowing.

I had attempted to load a video but it did not process.

Hoping for a few good days before the weather turns ugly again later this coming week -- or so it is being report by the weather folks!

Everyone stay safe, drive safe, and take care of each other!