Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 2011

Nice day here by the mountains! The temperature got up to 53 degrees or so...but, of course, the Wind had to be around and that made it quite a bit cooler!

Marvin is taking advantage of the rather good weather with no snow squalls to train his horse, Spike. Has a saddle on Spike and Marvin is moving him around. He is breaking him to ride.

In the second picture Spike has spotted his buddy, Meadow Muffin, or she has seen him and is calling to him. They have been separated for a few weeks.

Having sun all day is really nice. Winter has been too long this year.

I will get excited about Spring (which could be another month away, at the least), when I see little flower shoots coming up.

Everyone take care............and I hope there is a nice spring somewhere!


  1. It hasn't been very spring like in these parts either.

    Beautiful horse

  2. Looks like Spike is learning his lessons well.

  3. Rox, he is a Paisley horse! I do believe!

  4. I thought he might be. Is he Maybelline's colt?