Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eary Morning Stroll Across the Front Meadow

"Wait for me Mom!"
Mother Grizzly with three (3) Cubs! (Only 2 visible here)
Sow grizzly, cubs behind her

Sunday stroll across the front meadow -- one little guy is out of the picture trying to catch up!

As I was talking to our family outside of Judith Gap, I spotted this group of grizzlies progressing across our front meadow. A sow grizzly with 3 bouncing cubs. She was coming from down south and heading north west to Kennedy Creek area. Looking for food I would imagine! They looked healthy.

Marvin and I drove out into the meadow and I took these pictures from a distance with my new camera which has a great zoom lens! We would have had a great picture as she crossed our gravel road on her way to Kennedy Creek, except for the fact that Meadow Muffin (horse) thought these were mighty interesting critters and she ran ahead of the pickup and blocked our shot of all 3 cubs and Mom standing up at our wire gate trying to figure out who and what all these critters where that were coming at them. So, they took off for Kennedy Creek a whole lot faster and all we would have gotten from there were some good (maybe) butt shots.

Have a safe and wonderful day from our ranch to yours!

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