Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goats at Goat Lick, Montana

Driving over Marias Pass to go to Kalsipell or Whitefish is a long way, but it is so beautiful now that spring/summer may be here (we just never know for sure if Winter has left us as yet).

Marvin and I were very lucky to see these beautiful mountain goats at Goat Lick area in Glacier National Park right on US Highway 2. On the way back from the west side, we saw these goats and were delighted to see that the winter gate had been unlocked and open at the Goat Lick viewing area. This area is well maintained with restrooms and a short nature walk to view the goats down by the roaring river licking the minerals on the rocks. Wonderful area to take photos of the river below and hopefully there will be mountain goats for photographing as well.

Today was a special treat in that we saw so many goats on the way over and then they were still on the hillside on the way back. Plus a big bonus of the goat right up the hill side by the highway!

The rivers are running very wide and dirty as we drove through the pass.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful drive. We never know what we will find!