Thursday, May 26, 2011

High Water, Lots of snow in Glacier Park, etc

Many Glacier Waterfall
Channels and St. Mary in background from our deck
Avalanche in Park
Sherburn Dam area
Sun Rift Gorge with ice formation -- Glacier National Park(Jason took picture)
Greenery at Sun Rift(Jason took picture)
Sun Rift water and ice formation(Jason took picture)
Water fall at Many Glacier

I am posting some photos and one video for family and friends that are not on Facebook.

The video is of Kennedy Creek running into the St. Mary River about a 1/4 mile from our home place.

There still is a whole lot of snow to melt in the mountains and come on down through waterways that pass right by and around us.

I am uploading still pictures, too, but do not know if they will show up in this post or not. We drove up to Many Glacier in Glacier National Park to view the Sherburn dam and see how the water is running up that way. The road to Many has really taken a hit this year and is in a mess in many places -- some good sinks. The Park Service is busy repairing the road. It was raining gently yesterday and cold. There is a whole lot of snow up in the park housing area at Many as well as Swiftcurrent area.

After visiting Many we drove up to St. Mary and into the park entrance there. You can drive up to Jackson Glacier area. Lots of snow everywhere. Avalanches that were cleared from the road.

Lots of flooding and road closures in Montana.

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