Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is that Green I see???

At times I get a scolding from family and friends that are not on Facebook and come to my blog and want to see something new.

Waters are a-rising out back in the waterways. Here are some pictures of St. Mary River which is right out back and the many channels and ponds that are behind our home and corrals.

I threw in a picture of Turk (Anatolian Shepherd Guard Dog) and Meadow Muffin (horse) nibbling on new grass on the bank of a channel outside our back door.

There is a whole lot of snow in the mountains that still needs to melt and fill the rivers, creeks, and so forth in our area. There are some mighty impressive pictures on the Glacier National Park website to show how much snow was in the park. Astounding amount of snow.

Our days have been sunny and rather warm -- east wind today. Makes biking a little hard to get back to the house.

I see by my blog entries that we did get snow last May 30th so who knows what the weather has in store for us yet this season.

I am enjoying each day as they come. Boys are working putting a rebuilt DT-466 engine back into the 4-wheel drive tractor so they can farm. The White tractor also bit the dust last winter and trying to figure out what is wrong with hydraulics. Marvin's ranch pickup took a dump last winter, too. Transmission...on one of the coldest stormy days on his way back from Cut Bank. Luckily he was rescued and taken to a ranch house where he could call home for help.

Jason and Kara now have indoor plumbing which is very exciting for them and visitors! Calving is getting to the end. Need to get seed in the ground.

I have a little bull bum calf that I feed during the day -- he loves his little blue bucket full of warm milk replacer or cows milk.

Our Brown Swiss milk cow got a fever shortly after calving this year and it was a struggle to save her. Her little bull calf was a bum until he found a loving mother cow after her calf died.

No trees are breaking forth with any green foliage -- can't blame them. I do see buds. Who knows when we may have lilacs or flowers this year. The beavers were very busy cutting down every tree they could find all along the water's edge. They destroyed so many trees this past winter that it is very sad.

Hope all is well with everyone and that they are enjoying each other and life in general!

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