Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mr. Wind and other things!

All lined out!
Female Merganser Duck with babies! They all tried to jump on top of her and sunk her back side!
Getting the heck out there as they rounded the bend in the channel!

June 26, 2011 --The day started out sunny with a bit of a chill in the air. Now, the clouds have taken the Sun and hidden it from view. Mr. Wind is making that soulful sound of a weather change – as is sometimes heard in the fall and winter. At those times I cast my eye to the skies and smell the air for rain or snow.

The skies have turned to an overall light gray and it is spitting rain. Mr. Wind is rather cool and penetrating as he whips my hair around and tries to take the quonset door from my hands. I have just fed and watered my laying hens – and gathered fresh eggs. As I was cleaning the water tubs, the sounds of wind caught my immediate attention. I am thinking Summer is finally here, but the sound of Mr. Wind is not a summer sound at all. Maybe the sound is magnified by the quonset walls and the open areas that the wind can come in and sail right through or dash about inside the metal walls. But it is the "change in weather wind"!

As I come out, I hang on tight to the big metal door so it does not crash onto me!

I just spoke to my husband who is up on the north part of our ranch and he said it is “kind-a snowing” up there mixed with the rain. That part of the ranch/farm is another 500 feet up in elevation from the home place where I am.

Jessie, the young Brown Swiss milk cow, gave birth to a little red bull calf this morning –we were all hoping for a heifer (female) so it could grow up to be another milk cow. Jessie is very friendly and was a bum calf when Jason and Kara purchased her from a dairy heard of Brown Swiss cross dairy cattle (meaning a mixture of two breeds of cattle).

The other day when I was on our back lawn by the water channels I saw a type of duck that I had never seen before. It was a female Merganser with about nine or more little baby ducks swimming in the channel. I will post a picture or two of them. Pardon my rather out of focus pictures, I was trying to catch them as they sped away from me.

Have a great day and hope all is well where you are!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day!

My Daddy, Robert Louis Eckart Sr. or Bobby to his family and friends
My Dad's high school graduation picture 1928 from New Trier HS in Illinois
Oops, somehow I put my little brother's pic in: Robert Louis Eckart Jr or Bobby!
George, Robert (Bobby), Otto (Ottie), and Emil Eckart brothers (Otto and George are twins)
Emil (Puddy) and Robert (Bobby) Eckart (in back) Brothers

In celebration of Father's Day I have added my photos of my Daddy, Robert Louis Eckart! He was one of nine children (includes a set of twins -- George and Otto) born to Otto Eckart and Hiley Epps Eckart.

My father was the 8th child in the family and was called Bobby all his life by his family. His family consisted of two older sisters then seven brothers plus the ninth brother, Emil or Puddy as he was known all his life (it might have been spelled Puddie, I am not sure).

Dad's father died when he was young and his Mom died when he was 13 year old. He went to live with his older sister, Lil and her husband William. Lil and Bill were very dear to my Dad and we kids all loved them very much. We were always going for a visit at Aunt Lil and Uncle Bill.

A Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there.........take care and have a great day...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rain and more Rain!

From our top story deck looking east to St. Mary by the pines and our channels outside our door!
Looking to the southwest from our deck to the channels that wrap around our yard

These scenes will look familiar since I tend to take these two shots at various times of the year. These are my views from my back deck of our home. We are right on the channels, so to speak! Out the door and there is water everywhere. Beyond these channels are ponds and more waterways.

There is a lot of extreme flooding all over Montana this year with the snowpack at 200% in most areas up in the mountains. There has also been new snow in the mountains with rain at our elevation (4400 feet). We have really no idea how bad the waterways will get in our area until the snow really begins to melt. St. Mary is running very muddy and rushing into our channels right outside our door as you can see from the pictures in this post.

Hope wherever you are that you are safe!