Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day!

My Daddy, Robert Louis Eckart Sr. or Bobby to his family and friends
My Dad's high school graduation picture 1928 from New Trier HS in Illinois
Oops, somehow I put my little brother's pic in: Robert Louis Eckart Jr or Bobby!
George, Robert (Bobby), Otto (Ottie), and Emil Eckart brothers (Otto and George are twins)
Emil (Puddy) and Robert (Bobby) Eckart (in back) Brothers

In celebration of Father's Day I have added my photos of my Daddy, Robert Louis Eckart! He was one of nine children (includes a set of twins -- George and Otto) born to Otto Eckart and Hiley Epps Eckart.

My father was the 8th child in the family and was called Bobby all his life by his family. His family consisted of two older sisters then seven brothers plus the ninth brother, Emil or Puddy as he was known all his life (it might have been spelled Puddie, I am not sure).

Dad's father died when he was young and his Mom died when he was 13 year old. He went to live with his older sister, Lil and her husband William. Lil and Bill were very dear to my Dad and we kids all loved them very much. We were always going for a visit at Aunt Lil and Uncle Bill.

A Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there.........take care and have a great day...

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