Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rain and more Rain!

From our top story deck looking east to St. Mary by the pines and our channels outside our door!
Looking to the southwest from our deck to the channels that wrap around our yard

These scenes will look familiar since I tend to take these two shots at various times of the year. These are my views from my back deck of our home. We are right on the channels, so to speak! Out the door and there is water everywhere. Beyond these channels are ponds and more waterways.

There is a lot of extreme flooding all over Montana this year with the snowpack at 200% in most areas up in the mountains. There has also been new snow in the mountains with rain at our elevation (4400 feet). We have really no idea how bad the waterways will get in our area until the snow really begins to melt. St. Mary is running very muddy and rushing into our channels right outside our door as you can see from the pictures in this post.

Hope wherever you are that you are safe!

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