Monday, August 1, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Me and my beaver pole
Leg brace (0nce again) and my very sturdy beaver walking pole
Marvin just in from baling hay!

As I mentioned in my last post I had to have a new repair surgery on my already repaired patella or knee cap. Incision was right along the lines of the last two incisions...I am so glad that I heal well and rather fast.

My left knee had been bothering me for many years prior to my knee replacement in August of 2009...that was quite a recovery -- had lots of problems with the pain meds. I am best if I don't take anything stronger than a Tylenol. Recovered from that surgery and physical therapy. Was back to riding my pedal bike. Doing great, along comes February 5th of 2011...I just had to go out and feed the chickens. Wrong move, very wrong. There was a skiff of snow covering all the ice that had accumulated over the awful winter. Coming back with bucket of eggs I found myself on the ground and smashed down on my knee repair. I had felt something pop/snap. In between storms I had surgery on February 7th. That surgery went well recovery was quite easy. I was having more problems with my back and bursitis in my legs than the knee cap. Finally was able to get back on my bike, that was short-lived. My knee cap had slid to the left. X-rays...did not hurt...continue with PT...then it began to hurt a lot and more often...had tried a brace to keep the knee cap where it should be, that only worked for a short time.

Back to doctor on July 25th, X-ray showed that the repaired knee cap was coming apart. Scheduled for surgery next morning. I asked for all the same meds that they gave me in February...all went well, I have some of knee cap left. I was told a person does not need a knee cap. But I asked for a much as could be saved...up and walking right after I woke up and had my peach smoothie. Round the hospital floor we went. Had the tubes taken out...did not need the oxygen etc. I was up and walking with the full black leg brace. PT came in on the 27th -- I walked around the floor again and then did the stairs to show them I could go home and take care of myself. Marvin was with me, of course, and stayed with me in the hospital overnight and was wonderful. Doctor in at 7 am, I hurried up everyone so we could checkout and be on our way.

Great to be home -- it was hard to "stuff" that stiff leg into my van but we got the job done. Shopped a little and then on to home -- 3 hours. It was wonderful to get home and see all the flowers etc. There just is no place like home for me!♥ Marvin brought in my red-hot colored walker on wheels in case I needed it but I have swung my leg in and out of bed and walked stiff-legged to the bathroom so much in the past 2 years that I don't know how else to get in and out of bed.

...and so "on the mend again"...there is no pain involved...just a little burning by the staples and the pressure from the leg brace and wrap -- I am using the wrap this time because it helps the brace to stay up...........

Everyone take care .... if you haven't already ....... take really good care of your body parts so they last a long time!

Oh, I have to give credit to my industrious beavers -- they made the lovely heavy-duty pole that I have used since my first patella repair. I am not happy that they have cut down every tree in our back area however!