Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall 2011

It is a long way down there!The Highline Trail along the rock wall
Happy Hiker Marvin
Happy Hiker, Judy Elizabeth
A view from the trail

Waterton Lake from our favorite beach
Red Rock Canyon
Prince of Wales Hotel built in 1926 opened in 1927
Cameron Lake
Red Rock Canyon rocks

We decided to get out and about a few days ago. It seems I have been recovering from one knee problem after another in the past 2 years since I retired.

On the 28th of September Marvin and I went to Logan's Pass and it was very cold and windy...we walked around and then came home.

On the 29th of September we went to Waterton Lakes International Peace Park in Alberta Canada (connects to Glacier National Park in the US).

Today, the 30th, we went back to top of Logan Pass to try to walk a ways on the Highline Trail. I awoke felt good and my knees and feet felt good so I suggested to Mavin that we tackle the Highline Trail. We have not been on this trail for at least 30 years.

Lovely day, sun out and warming up. Fifteen minute delay on the way up and at least a 15 minute delay on the way out of the parking lot at Logan. But it is worth it.

We arrived around 10 am and began our hike...we did not go that far because we knew we had to come back and it would be mostly uphill. Picture number 2 depicts the rock wall on the trail. This is where I heard a voice behind me from my husband -- something about going back. I turned because I thought he was joking and by the look on his face I realized he was not. He did not like the feel of the trail or how he felt. I said don't look down just look at the trail. I wanted to go a little further and he agreed. He did not like the fact that the wind had really come up and it could be dangerous for us on that high narrow trail. At one time it was obvious that there had been a cable along the rock wall -- the eye bolts were still there but no cable. I think that would have made us both feel better, but the height and wind did not bother me.

I had hoped to get off the rock wall area and into the trail on the side of the hill but it was also obvious that it would be a mostly uphill hike back to the parking lot at Logan. So we decided to return after having a bite to eat and rest on a large rock past the rock wall.

Never want to "over do" especially since I have had three major surgeries on my left knee in the past 2 years.

I wore my uniform issued boots and they were just right for this type of hiking. Supported my feet and no slippage on rocks etc.

When we got to the bottom of the Pass at St. Mary we decided to stop in and get a bite to eat at St. Mary's Lodge. The food was excellent. We had a prime rib (slivered) sandwich, fries, salad and it was very good!

Our day in Waterton was a delight but we had a really bad meal at Zum's restaurant -- I told them about it but no one seemed to care.

We had a lovely hand made waffle cone and great ice cream at the ice cream shop...that helped with the awful lunch.

It was calm when we arrived in Waterton but the wind did pick up and when we were up by the historic Prince of Wales Hotel on that high hill looking down over the town site of Waterton, the wind was really howling.

The Prince of Wales Hotel was closed for the season. It looked pretty lonesome up there without tourists running about and flowers everywhere. But at least we could find a parking place in a very small parking area by the Hotel.

Cameron Lake is delightful and it was very still and not windy when we were there. A women pulling a kayak came rushing to the lake and had such a look of pure joy on her face. It was a perfect day to kayak for sure! Marvin said he had never been to Cameron Lake which surprised me. Always busy with the ranch over the years. When our sons were young we (the boys and I) would go biking in the town site and drove all over the place. Waterton has always been such a delight to me. Going up to see Red Rock Canyon we came upon a very fat black bear eating berries along the road. Red Rock Canyon was also beautiful.

A very good friend of our gave us a the book "Chief Mountain International Highway" by Chris Morrison. This is a really informative little book about the Chief Mountain Highway and the building of the Prince of Wales and the whole of Waterton Lakes town site.

I am hoping my knee keeps improving and I can do more and more with it. I am able to get back on my pedal bike and to go a ways. I am so totally out of shape that it is rather hard to go too far. And I do not want to overdo anything to cause any problems with it. Three surgeries on the same knee is quite enough for me.

Marvin and I have had a good time these past few days enjoying getting out into our beautiful area that we live in.

Happy trails to all...take care and be good to each other!

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