Sunday, October 30, 2011

It is still October???

Marvin and Bobby who is 4 years old
Mitch and Nichole with Jasper the youngest at 10 months
Mitch, Steven (6), Kacey (9), Bobby (4), Marvin, Adam (2), Jasper, Nichole
10-30-2011 in windy Logan Pass on the east side -- Upper St. Mary Lake!

You can tell November is right around the corner.....Mr. Wind has arrived in all his glory and is whipping around the valleys and mountains! Nothing is safe from him! This will last through to spring...I mean, it blows most of the year, but this is the really serious windy season that seems to last forever!

The first few pictures are of Mitch (our youngest son) and his family Nichole and all the boys! We met up with the in Great Falls on October 08, 2011 (I believe that was the date)...we delivered to them 19 of our laying hens for Kacey's egg business. I wanted to get out of the hen business...but I still have 19!..too! They will give us and Jason and Kara enough eggs for our cooking.

I have also confined them in a pen and hen house...they used to have the run of a 40 x 100 foot quonset and who knows where they laid their was a hunt each and every day. The piles of lumber and so forth made it a true adventure trying to find all the eggs. I now know exactly where they are and where they lay -- in the hen house!

Have to go check on my bread that is baking! Everyone have a great Halloween!

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  1. Love all the pictures. You have some very cute grandsons. Maybe one day we will get a boy!