Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jennifer (niece)
Nichole, Mitch, Jennifer (cousins)
Jason and Jennifer (cousins)
Sun Rift Gorge in Glacier National Park
Avalanche Gorge Glacier National Park

It appears that I lost my total post for June, July, and now August...June is a blur...July was a delight, my niece, Jennifer came for a nice long visit and we had a great time traveling through Glacier National Park and our beautiful area.  She got to meet her uncle Marvin and her cousins Jason and Mitchell and his wife, Nichole.  Jennifer was here for 19days and they went way too was wonderful spending that much time with a niece that I have only seen on two other occasions.

There is so much to see in Montana and so many miles/hours between the sights to see. 

We have had a great spring, summer, and now hopefully and lovely LONG fall...our area has stayed a lot greener than most of Montana.  It seems that most of our wonderful state has been on fire since early in the year beginning with grass fires in the Browning area.  So much grass and hay land has been lost and this affects our cattle grazing, wildlife grazing, haying, and cropping -- which all affect our markets for our products that we sell once a year. 

Jason and Marvin are finished haying and now have to haul in the bales to the stack yards for winter feed for our livestock.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life...take care of each other and be good to each other.

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