Sunday, October 21, 2012

September and October 2012

August blew by and along came September...preparing for 6th grandson...a family funeral...helping before baby came and after...lots of miles traveled during the month of September...I was not home very much!

Somewhere along the line I got a new puppy, Tessa-Two, a pure-bred Anatolian -- full of fun and frolic!  (What was I thinking getting another puppy was what runs through my mind at times.)...she was put into my arms and melted into me...but wow did she ever come to life back at the ranch.  Chewing on everything and everyone...intelligent but very independent just as they are suppose to be (guard dogs after all and have to think on their paws)!...our two adult dogs -- one Anatolian cross and his sister thought that I had brought a wild wild stranger into their well-adjusted life...they did not like her at all.  Belle (aka Door Belle) has adjusted to her better than Boo-Boo -- but both have taken to playing with her and attempting to keep her from biting off all their body parts!  The cats have to run for cover...I have tried and tried to have her quit her rumps on top of the poor cats...but she thinks that they will play with her just as the bigger dogs do.

This is Tessa-Two in my van getting used to "going places" she can be taken to the vet and so forth...she is not very keen on riding in a vehicle and does not like to get very close to them.

Tessa-Two and Boo-Boo...we found out that we cannot let the two of them out together or Boo will take Tessa-Two off with him to chase coyotes etc.

Chief Mountain at sunset

Yellow Mountain at sunset

View from my deck out back door

Chief Mountain...wild wind and clouds

Yellow Mountain wild windy day

Beaver pond out back door

I cannot believe that it is on the tail end of October!...this year has gone by so fast...having problems with my knee since my patella was removed...finally was given an easy effective exercise by a wonderful chiropractor in Lewistown, Montana!  Hurray, it really helps.  I was told by so many that I had to strengthen my quad to keep my tendon on "track"...and it kept going out...but his simple exercise is doing the job...I am in hopes this will solve the problem...I was told I did not need a knee cap (patella)...well, I had no choice since I broke mine had it repaired and then it fell apart and needed to come out...take care of your knees is all I can say...of course, over the course of our lives we may try to achieve that but when we fall or get injured the injuries set in motion very detrimental damage to our my case, my left knee.

The temperatures have varied quite considerably this month and during September.  This morning is was 28 degrees with a skiff of snow on the ground.  There is a considerable amount of snow in the mountains and they are beautiful today.

Topping the Ridge at Duck Lake -- home-ward bound

Top of Duck Lake Ridge

Yellow and Chief Mountains

Getting on down the road to home

Mountains towards southwest and upper St. Mary Lake
 I spent a week helping out at Mitch and Nichole's after they had their 6th little boy and it was so good to top the Ridge at Duck Lake and come on down into our valley and home to our ranch!  These are my "There is No Place Like Home" photos...there had been a fresh snow right before I came home making it the view that much more spectacular!

Hoping everyone is having some good months -- I am not really ready for winter and the perils it presents now that I must watch every step I take so as not to fall on ice and hit my knee again...I can see why folks move to warm climes when they get older!...but I do love our valley and the view...just not the WIND!