Friday, April 5, 2013

April 2013

April showers bring May flowers...and green grass for the livestock!  We had a shower last night and again this afternoon.  Smells so very good!

As I wander through my thoughts and I see that I have not posted anything since last ~ what ~ October? thoughts tend to be ~ where has the time gone ~

I don't remember November ~ it must have been okay ~ Christmas comes to mind with a thundering clap of memories!  People ask, "What did you get for Christmas?" ~ our answer this year was Demodectic Mange! What a surprise.  Actually, we "opened" our present was Christmas Eve Day.  The previous week it had been cold and I was not feeling very good so I had not been playing with my new pup, Tessa-Two.

Marvin brought her in the porch where she normally slept after romping and terrorizing the older dogs all day.  Looking closely at her I could see her eyes were watering and she had some skin irritation spots on her lower legs.  She had been spayed in November and had an infection that cleared up.  Turning her over and checking her stomach and the wound area, I could see all sorts of pustules on her tummy. Yikes, was my response to the mess I saw.  I put some antibiotic cream on her tummy, eye dropped her eyes and attempted to get hold of a vet!  Dr. Steven Hjartarson from  Northern Veterinary Clinic callled me back and told me to bring her in on Christmas Morning...bless him!

The next morning Tessa-Two looked horrible she had chewed off her hair on her legs and it was just awful.  We loaded her up and drove to Cut Bank.  She was diagnosed with Demodectic Manage!  The only good part about this Manage is that it does not transfer to other pets, cats or humans.  She was checked out thoroughly, given a shot, and we were sent home with pills and ointment.

We should have put on one of those "funnels" so she could not chew at herself.  But we had no idea what she could do overnight.  The Mange took off like wildfire...I lost all my pictures of her poor body when my computer crashed sometime in February.  We also had to give her a bath twice a week with special shampoo...we are talking about a 65 pound puppy...however, once in the tub she was very cooperative!

Once she had the "funnel" on her head and could not chew off her hair or what remained of it -- it was somewhat easier to handle.  Tessa-Two was a good patient.  But the experience was exhausting for Marvin and myself.  She had weekly shots at the vets (160 miles round trip), ointment, probiotics in her food, baths, drying her, and keeping her warm in the porch..........

Did lots of research on the internet ~ sanitized a lot of towels...thank goodness the bedding did not have to be changed that often...however, I had old sheets covering her big dog bed.

It took from Christmas Day until into March to clear up this awful Mange.  Tessa-Two's hair has grown back and she is looking good.  Thanks to the skill and caring at Northern Veterinary Clinic in Cut Bank we all made it through this horrific event in her life.  I have read that some puppies can get mange in their early months.  I know all dogs etc have some type of mites but if they go CRAZY you are in for a real wild ride!  And, I might add, lots of money for treatment.  This was our first and certainly hope our last experience with any type of canine mange. Accolades to Dr. Steven Hjartarson and the staff at Northern Veterinary Clinic ~ their care and treatment of  Tessa-Two was outstanding!

So, those were the months of the MANGE!  Then my computer started to do some strange things...the sounds it made were very weird...and it should have made me back up everything right then and there.  Kind of a "knock-knock" anyone home in the upper cranium...I guess not because it really did a crazy noise and then told me it was shutting down because it had had it!  And, it was very serious ~  all my memory and photos, and EVERYTHING was lost!...luckily my daughter-in-law, Kara, had backed up my stuff sometime in 2010 ~ so I had lots of photos and all my budget forms that I use constantly for the ranch and so forth.  What a dear she is~

And that was another surprise expenditure ~ a new computer tower~

My newest project is a little preemie heifer calf that was born about 20 days or so early.  She is a little black Angus calf.  Wobbly legs, long black lashes, liquid brown eyes, and she loves to jump in the air when she is full of warm milk replacer ~ she has a pen out in the quonset to keep out of the weather.  On good days she comes to our yard and soaks up the sun.  I feed her every 3 hours now.  She had an upper respiratory problem but Dr. Ethel Connelly at Grass Winds Veterinary gave me some shots for her and she has really perked up and it has helped her breathing.  I was afraid her lungs had not developed fully and this cause her many problems.  She is kind-a knock-kneed but she is up a moving on her little legs.  She is perfectly proportioned ~ just a wee little lass!  Her head looks rather large for her body in my picture but she is just darling!  (Where would we be without wonderful Vets!)

 My beautiful Hibiscus Rosa just keeps on blooming throughout the winter!

  A beautiful miniature rose that has rebloomed and smells Amazing!  It was white before and now is a soft yellow with a sweet rose fragrance!  I am delighted!  We have very long winters and not seeing anything besides "brown" everywhere makes it a delight to have blooming flowers in our home.  My snap dragons keep right on blooming as well!  Totally delightful!

Time to go feed the little one so I will end this.  Hope you are all having a good April!