Sunday, June 30, 2013

 Clouds at sunset on 06-29-2013
 Marvin on Meadow-Muffin
 Marvin and MM ~ she is tall
 St. Mary Rising
 View to the south east through the lilacs
 View from back deck
 Yellow Mountain
Chief Mountain

Here it is the end of June and I am finally adding some pictures and musings.  I am reminded by friends and family who are not on Face Book that I do not keep up my blog.  Sorry about that!

Ground broken up and seeded ~calves branded and moved to pastures ~ a lovely beginning to our growing season this year.  Beautiful and green here so far.  We have had rain and hit the hottest day yesterday at 86 with humidity (an unusual thing ~ humidity in our area)!

Plenty of grizzly bear problems this year for us and for other ranchers.  Many cows killed by grizzlies along the US/Canadian border.  We had a very large cow killed by a grizzly.  Lots of bear activity up north by Jason and Kara on the north part of our ranch.  Other ranchers also had killings by grizzlies.

Bugs are out in force now!  Huge flying ants...ugh!

Enjoying the humming birds that frequent our new feeders.

Worked very hard on keeping a little preemie calf (Little-Bit) alive for months ~ but she just could not make it and passed away ~ that was very sad for me.  I had high hopes that she would pull through but her lungs and digestive tract just would not function properly.

Gave most of my hens to Jason and Kara...have kept 5 Barred Plymouth Rocks...we get 4 to 5 eggs a day now.  That is plenty for us.  Jason and Kara supply other families with eggs now.  We are out of the egg business!  Yay!

Marvin is riding Meadow Muffin and next he will ride Spike ~ he had a few tumbles with Meadow Muffin ~ but she is a gentle good mannered horse.  Marvin bottle fed her and raised her from a little baby in 2008.  She is part work horse and is quite tall and beautiful!  She has a good attitude.  Marvin states that she is easy to ride and does not cause him any back aches!  She stumbled once and messed up Marvin's left leg and then she did a side-step when a baby elk scared her and Marvin hit the ground ~ again.  But otherwise things are good between them.  Spike may have a little more "spit" in him.  Marvin has ridden him before but not in a year.

I am just totally enjoying the summer and our yard.  I love cutting the grass which seems to never end ~ but I have learned to pace myself or otherwise I can not walk the next day...this is my exercise.  Bought a new pedal bike and have to get out on it.

Well, that is about it for now.  Hope everyone's summer is going well ~ give each other a big hug and have a great day!

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