Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tree full of Memories

We heat with wood so a "real live" tree does not have a chance of survival in our home ~ I bought these three trees that are in a clump in the 1990's and adore them ~ I also bought a huge tree at the Christmas Store in Great Falls in the 1980's and used to decorate both trees ~ but it seems easier to just do the "clump" some years ~ I have hundreds of ornaments that are resting in their big old storage box and wondering what happened that I have not brought them out to enjoy the season ~

This is my most favorite time of the year ~ at one time, I decorated anything that stood still for any length of time ~ but after so many years and since my age and agility for getting up and down on chairs and so forth has declined ~ I am beginning to think that "less is more" ~ or in my case it is a lot easier to take all the decorations down and put them away.

When I first saw these darling three trees with real life trunks and saw the branches coming out of the trunks like a real tree grows ~ I just had to have them. The three trees ~ one almost 8 foot tall, then a shorter one and another shorter than that one ~ well the deal was sealed ! Now the next question was would they fit into my van ~ with a whole lot of coaxing and putting seats down and so forth they did fit in! How I loved my 1992 Aero Star Van! The "pine branches" had a soft coating of "snow" which has come off every year but still has the hint of it on the tree.

I so fell in love with these types of trees that I bought any size I could find ~ and do have quite a collection.

The wonderful thing about putting up a tree and decorating it with all the ornaments from years past ~ are the wonderful and some sad memories of who made the ornament, who gave it to us and so forth. I always put the boys hand made ornaments on the trees ~ they were excited about that when they were little but as they grew older they thought that the paper ornaments ~ some missing glued on eyes and so forth looked pretty tacky and wanted me to take them off the tree ~ but, no, I stated these are precious memories of times past ~ and as they grew to adults they realized that they were really fun to hold, look at, and talk about.

~ and that is my favorite thing to do at this time of year ~ to remember ~ to share ~ to enjoy!

I joke about the fact that I am at the top of the "hill" (of life) and heading down the other side ~ some days I feel like I am sliding down way too fast and other days I cannot believe the age I find myself at ~ it astounds me as to where all those years have gone ~ did I use them wisely ~ no, certainly not always. Was I always in a "survive" mode to take care of my family, perhaps ~ would I have done things differently ~ yes, on many occasions for sure ~

When I came to Montana and married and began this part of my life on a ranch ~ it seemed as though everything was about survival ~ the weather, the land, the livestock, finances, relationships, in-laws, out-laws ~ How many times did we travel to "town" and survive the horrible ground blizzards of blowing snow. Will there be enough feed for the livestock, will there be open water, will the wells freeze up.

I accepted my new life as an adventure ~ and an adventure it certainly was ~ 43 years of a never ending adventure that takes twists and turns every day of the year.

To this day ~ when it begins to snow or the wind begins to blow Really Hard (like in the winter) ~ I begin to save water ~ knowing full well that the electricity can go out at any moment. I still have my old reliable wall corded phone for just such occasions. When the power goes so goes the cordless phones and since cell coverage is very iffy up here ~ can't count on them.

Decembers come so fast now as do the new years ~ enjoy your days, weeks, months, and years because they do go by in a flash ~ Have a wonderful Holiday Season and New Year (this is in case I don't get on here again before the new year)!