Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kara and Delcena

Jason and Delcena

Delcena ( 4 months old)

Delcena (going on 5 months)

Mommy makes me smile

Daddy does, too!

As usual I am behind on my postings ~ busy days around the ranch ~ the boys are feeding, Kara is working and getting Delcena used to being at Grandmas ~ Delcena is very attached to her Mom and it was hard for her to come to Grandmas home and have Mommy leave her....but things have gotten much better ~ we play and laugh at Grandma's now ~ Grandma and Grandpa's home looks like a child care center (this according to our son, Jason) ~ which when I looked around at all the toys scattered around and the jumperoo,  highchair, diaper wipes and so forth ~ I had to agree.

Winter has been a cold one ~ I do remember some in the 1980's that were rather pleasant !  But those days are gone now ~ if we don't have the snow then we don't have the moisture and water in high places that can feed the streams and rivers and on down through the states it goes!

This is just a little post ~ hope all is well with whoever reads this ! Be kind to each other !  I am going to go make some dinner for Marvin !

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